Meet the Chef

A native Montanan, Executive Chef Matt Israel’s culinary career spans more than 20 years. Starting at Chef Blu Funk’s Showthyme Restaurant in Bigfork, Chef Israel cultivated his craft and went on to open the Blue Canyon Kitchen and Tavern at the Hilton Garden Inn in Kalispell. He joined the Sacajawea Hotel as Executive Chef in 2010.

Sourcing inspiration from diverse nationalities cooking styles, and techniques, Chef Israel and his team create memorable cuisine for hotel guests and locals. They want you to leave the restaurant ready to book your next reservation.

Ingredients are sourced locally as much as possible. Chef Israel works with some fantastic farmers and ranchers, who labor hard to produce exceptional products. Our dining room guests will find that the preparation of dishes enhances these high-quality foods rather than mask flavor.

Offering some of the most unique menu items in Southwest Montana, don’t be surprised if you book your next visit to Pompey’s Grill at the end of your first meal.

Executive Chef

Matt Israel

Featured in:
Big Sky Journal, Bozeman Monthly, Montana Standard, Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Montana Woman, Flathead Living, Dining Under The Big Sky

“We try to offer dishes that are nontraditional, that make our experience worth the drive, that leave you thinking about flavors and textures. Above and beyond all, our staff here at the Sac is by far one of the best groups I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. This is what really makes for a great and unique restaurant experience.”
– Chef Matt Israel